Graduate Conference on Context with Emma Borg and Stefano Predelli Genoa 2018 – May 23-25

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The seminar is mainly for Ph.D. Students. There will be two talks by Emma Borg followed by a comment by Stefano Predelli and two talks by Stefano Predelli followed by a comment by Emma Borg on the following topics:
(1) Meaning: Its Role and Significance in Semantic and Pragmatic Theorising
(2) Words: What They Are and What They Mean.
There are two slots for questions or presentations by Ph.D. Students (15 minutes).
Below the names of the PhD students who will give a presentation.



Meaning: Its Role and Significance in Semantic and Pragmatic Theorising
23 Morning:
9.30-11 Emma on Meaning, Predelli comments,
11.30:  discussion
23 Afternoon:
15-16.30 Stefano  on Meaning, Emma comments,
17: discussion
23 Evening:
Social Dinner
24 Morning:
10: Presentation of Ph.D. Students:
Jiwon Kim and Paul Conlan: Who am “I”? 
Garibay García Daniel: Minimal Propositions
 Words: What They Are and What They Mean

24 Afternoon:
15-16.30 Emma on Words, Predelli comments,
17: discussion
25 Morning:
9.30-11 Stefano on Words, Emma comments,
25 Afternoon:
15: Presentation of Ph.D. Students
Sandro Balletta: Words and intentions
Martina Rosola and Andrea Raimondi: Intentions and What is Said
(in front of the Railway Station)
(tube: Stazione Principe)


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